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Installing Laminate Flooring - The Little Known Secrets

Installing laminate flooring is a straightforward procedure. Laminates are called “floating floors” because they are not fastened directly into the sub floor. Instead, squares or planks are attached to each laminate. These laminate squares or planks use connectors or locking systems that are designed to click boards together.

Laminate floors will stimulate stone or wood with minimal maintenance and maximum durability. Installing laminate flooring is relatively easy, allowing users to save both time and money. There are three kinds of process in installing laminate flooring – glue laminates, glue-less laminates and pre-glued laminates.

How to Install Laminate Flooring
Be aware that the method you used in installing laminate flooring will greatly influence the life and performance of your floors.

Installing laminate floors using glue technique is easy even for beginners. The glue is manually applied to the tongue or the groove of each squares or planks during installation. On the other hand, installing laminate flooring using glue-less technique uses a type of locking system that snaps, clicks or hooks to the tongue and groove for the pieces to lock tightly into the floor.

An advantage of glue-less technique is that the locking systems provide the users with a simple and straightforward process of installing laminate floors. Not only do the users enjoy installing without the messy glue, they are also able to use the floors immediately after installation. Pre-glued laminates combine the two installing techniques of laminate flooring.

Checklist before Installing Laminate Flooring
Before installing laminate flooring, it is important that you follow several steps to ensure your installation would be completed successfully. First, ensure that you remove all “breakables” where you will install the floors.

Then, if necessary, remove all appliances, furniture and sub-floor. It is also important that you disconnect gas appliances to avoid possible fire accidents. When you want to change the height of your floors, make the necessary adjustments to your doors for them to open and close properly.

Check your items in closets and other storage areas and remove everything that will interfere with installing your laminate flooring. Lastly, double-check if the temperature inside your home is appropriate for laminate installation.

Although installing laminate flooring can be provided by various companies, you could save hundreds of dollars by doing the installation yourself. Be aware that the higher end your laminate floors are, the lesser it would require refinishing and recoating. Installing new laminate floors can be a great investment because they could last for years.


Installing Laminate Flooring
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